How to Get Seaking in Pokemon Quest

This guide will show you the best ways to get Seaking in Pokemon Quest. With major stat balancing and a versatile move pool, Seaking is now on par with a few major heavy hitters in the game. Best yet, it’s not hard to obtain.

How to get Seaking in Pokemon Quest

Fully evolved pokemons cannot be obtained by cooking in Pokmeon Quest.

As such, you’d have to first get Goldeen and evolve it to obtain Seaking.

To get Goldeen, you have to cook certain meals to lure it. There are three dishes that you can cook to lure Goldeen, namely:

Red Stew à la Cube – used to obtain ‘reddish’ Pokemons
– Dish required: Normal
– Ingredients: x5 Tiny Mushrooms
– Chance of appearing: 14.29%

Mouth-Watering Dip à la Cube – used to obtain Water-type Pokemon
– Dish required: Normal
– Ingredients: 3x Bluk Berry, 2x Tiny Mushrooms
– Chance of appearing: 16.67%

Mulligan Stew à la Cube – has a random but large amount of Pokemon
– Dish required: Normal
– Ingredients: Any normal ingredients, as long as they do not match another recipe, i.e. 1x Tiny Mushroom, 1x Bluk Berry, 1x Apricorn, 2x Fossil
– Chance of appearing: 4.17%

The best dishes to cook to get your Goldeen are  Mouth-Watering Dip à la Cube, followed by Red Stew à la Cube. Mulligan Stew à la Cube yields a much lower chance of acquiring Goldeen, thus I do not recommend.

Whichever you decide to go for, you’d need to take into account the ingredients you have in hand, and also which other Pokemon you want from the pool in which each dish can bring. Especially earlier in the game, when resources will be scarce.

I’ve got my Goldeen, now how to get Seaking in Pokemon Quest?

When you have gotten your Goldeen, it’s all easy from there, as you only ahve to battle your way through quests and evolve your Goldeen to Seaking, at level 33. This is the same level requirement to get Goldeen to evolve in all other Pokemon games.

Things to consider: 


Here’s a table from Serebii showing the base stats for Goldeen, which you need to consider before evolving it.

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 14.20.36.png

The best way to max out your Seaking in Pokemon Quest is to use a Gold Cooking pot and wait to get the Goldeen with the closest stats to what you desire.

I’ve also attached the table from Serebii for the base stats of Seaking for you here.

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 14.20.12.png

Move Slots:

Do you want your Seaking to have one move that you can power up heavily, or 2 moves? It could be attacking moves or one support, i.e. Supersonic.

Power Stones

At level 100, your Seaking in Pokemon Quest will have 9 slots of stones to equip. Do you want to go for a more offensive or defensive set? Always check the slots your Goldeen has before deciding whether you want to train and evolve it to get your Seaking in Pokemon Quest.

P.S. My own Seaking runs a 5 Attack 4 HP slots and it’s been doing pretty alright! 🙂


Afterwards, it’s up to you to decide on the move-set, or how you want to play your Seaking! 🙂

Happy cooking. Any questions, let me know in the comment section below.


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