How to Use Butterfree in Pokemon Quest

How to use Butterfree in Pokemon Quest:

Unlike the core series games, Butterfree’s no longer the squishy, disposable bug Pokemon you get at Route 2. Check out how to use Butterfree in Pokemon Quest below!

Build 1: Lunging Away 

Moveset 1: Lunge + 3 slots
Moveset 2: Lunge + 2 slots and Rage Powder

Bingo Bonuses:
Slot 1: Catterpie: +2% Hit Healing > Butterfree: +5% Healing from K.O
Slot 2: Catterpie: +20% Resistant to ↓ Effects > Butterfree: +10% Resistant to ↓ Effects
Slot 3: Catterpie: +500 ATK > Butterfree: +400 ATK

Butterfree is badass in Pokemon Quest. The Bingo stat boost of +400 ATK puts its stats on-par with other heavy hitters in the game, such as Alakazam, Starmie, and Gengar. The +5 healing from K.O. on top of a 10% Hit Healing from power stones will also help to give it some sustain in-game!


Lunge is Butterfree’s best bet at damage dealing in Pokemon Quest. Other alternatives are Silver Wind – which has low damage output and unpredictable stat boosting ability, String Shot – long wait time as you have to wait for the webs to disappear and Take Down/Tackle – which are not any better. For a more versatile set, you could use Rage Powder to lure attackers to Butterfree, in case your teammates are low on health. The low cooldown of Rage Powder means that you can almost instantly hit your foes with Lunge right after.

Other options:

The lack of useful offensive moves means that there aren’t many useful sets you could use (why no Psychic?!). You could opt for a tanky build with the +500 HP bingo bonus instead, paired with other support moves such as Iron Defense and Electroweb. I’m quite surprised that Butterfree did not receive any powder moves – which we all remember this butterfly using back in the 90’s!


You have to first attract and evolve Caterpie to get Butterfree in Pokemon Quest (though there is a slim chance that Butterfree will appear at your base). To obtain the highest possible stats, remember to use the golden cooking pot for a +300 stat bonus in both ATK and HP. After that, it all depends on the IVs of each individual Pokemon, which range from 0-100.

Here are the max stats our old-school butterfly Pokemon.

Base Stats: HP – 110, ATK – 90
Max Stats (at LV 100): HP: 510-610, ATK: 490-590


Base Stats: HP – 150, ATK – 250
Max Stats (at LV 100): HP: 550-650 (+500 from bingo bonus), ATK: 650-750 (+400 from bingo bonus)

I’ve caught a Caterpie/Butterfree. Are its stats any good? 

All you have to do to check is examine what your Pokemon’s max stats are at level 100.

Every Pokemon gains 1 stat point in its ATK and HP each level. Because of this, all you have to do is add the level difference of your Pokemon from 100 to its current stats to see how far the stats are from the max stats.

For example, let’s say your Butterfree is at LV 88, with the HP of 544 and ATK of 732.

The Butterfree is 12 levels away from LV 100. As such, its stats at LV 100 would be:

HP: 544 + 12 = 556
ATK: 732+ 12 = 744

With the max HP and ATK of 650 and 750 respectively, the Butterfree would be 94 HP and 6 ATK points away from its maximum stat, at LV 100. That’d be a bit low on the HP side.

Stone Sockets:

Caterpie’s ratio regarding stone sockets are:
HP: 52.38%, HP: 42.86%, Multi: 4.76%

This is up to you. As you have read in this guide, Butterfree can get major stat boosts from its Bingo Bonuses, thus you should coordinate this with the bonus you opt for.

And that’s my guide on how to use Butterfree in Pokemon Quest. How do you enjoy Butterfree in the current metagame? Let me know!

And happy lunging!


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