Pokemon Quest: Best Vine Whip Pokemon

The Best Vine Whip Users in Pokemon Quest

I love how Pokemon Quest is shaking up how we perceive certain moves and Pokemon within the series. It’s quite refreshing actually, to see how Game Freak is bringing the whole new light to the series with this recently released title.

Here’s a close examination of the 6 Pokemon in the game that can currently learn one of the best damaging moves in the game – Vine Whip!

P.S. The default moveset I would run is one move: Vine Whip + 3 Move Stones (1 Broadburst Stone, 1 Scatter Stone, and 1 Wait Less Stone/Whack-Whack Stone).



Bulbasaur is deemed as superior to its evolved forms for a few reasons. It gets a ‘+20% ATK of Grass-Type Moves’ bingo slot to boost the damage dealt by Vine Whip, which is higher than the boost that both Ivysaur and Venusaur get from the same boost. Furthermore, evolving Bulbasaur gives it a measly +25 or +75 base ATK stat, damage wise – Bulbasaur triumphs its whole evolution line. The best part about Bulbasaur is that it has a limited move pool of 4 moves. Because of this, it’s pretty easy to get Vine Whip.

Other bingo bonuses revolve around this evolution line of being able to tank, and it’s up to you to either go for – Own Knockback Distance, Poison Resistance or HP regenerating bonuses: +Hit Healing, Healing from KO or +Healing Per Wave. As long as the third bingo is +20% ATK of Grass-Type Moves, you are good to go.

Ivysaur and Venusaur


It’s interesting that, in the main series, the set that the pre-evolved forms can run usually revolves around a tankier set with Eviolite, or with some sort of gimmicks due to its ability.

Interestingly enough, evolving Bulbasaur to Ivysaur and Venusaur means offsetting the damage output, as the Bingo Bonus of +20% ATK of Grass-Type Moves for Bulbasaur is reduced to +15% and +10% respectively. Thus, if you’re purely running a one-move set, you are better off with Bulbasaur.

The main argument to run these two is because they have slightly higher HP and that you could spare one move slot for a support move. The only noteworthy move that you use is Poison Powder, which, without move slots attached to the move, is pretty bad – due to the lack of range. The other is Synthesis, but as you should already have a Pokemon in your team with Bulk Up/Work Up, this is pretty much redundant.



Weepinbell is slightly different than Bulbasaur when it comes to being a Vine Whip user in Pokemon Quest. You still run the same set, but Weepibell is a ranged type Pokemon, rather than melee. IMO, whichever is better is entirely situational. Being a ranged type means that sometimes, you will only land one of the who ‘vines’ hit, as you’re further away from the target. Overall, it does not make much of a difference.

Bingo Bonuses wise, Weepinbell is much better than the grass dinosaur evolutionary line. All 3 slots can increase Grass Type Moves, totaling up to a whopping +35% ATK of Grass-Type Moves. Furthermore, Weepingbell can get + Critical Hit Rate and -% Grass-Type Moves Wait. However, as Vine Whip wait time is quite low, the most optimal set is to get one that has +% ATK of Grass-Type Moves in all three slots. Weepingbell can also get a sniffy +300 ATK, but this is no way better than replacing the increase in Grass-Type ATK bonus.



Victrebeel offers less increase in attack bonus, which totals up to 25% increase. Thus, if you want to optimize for a damaging set, stick with Weepinbell. The only difference is that you can get up to -15% Grass-Type Moves Wait, and a slight increase in ATK stat.

Support moves wise, there are Swords Dance, Synthesis, and Stun Spore. I would not recommend any of these, for the same reason stated with the Bulbasaur evolution line. The best vine whip users in Pokemon Quest won’t be using these moves, unfortunately. Stick to vine whipping!



And lastly, the hardest to get out of the 3 lines in Pokemon Quest – Tangela.

I love this Pokemon, from Gen I of the core series. However, in Pokemon Quest, for this particular guide, Tangela falls short in almost every ways.

It’s hardest to get. The best way to get Tangela is to cook a special Veggie Smoothie à la Cube, which results in you getting Bulbasaur 80% of the time, and Tangela the other 20%. As such, you might be getting this guy when you try to farm Bulbasaur.

Let’s dive into why you should not (or should) use Tangela in Pokemon Quest.

Rerolling moves is hard. The chance of rerolling Vine Whip for Bulbasaur is 25% – 4 moves. Weepingbell has a 14.2% – with 7 moves. However, Tangela, with 10 moves, you only have a 10% chance of rerolling this move.

Tangela has Substitute and Rage Powder, which can be interesting to switch up the gameplay. Rest is not helpful as you probably can heal your full HP with one Vine Whip, anyway. As such, on the list of the best vine whip Pokemon in Pokemon Quest, this is where Tangela shines.

However, the main reason why you should not use Tangela as a Vine Whip Pokemon is that it does not have access to any ATK boosting bingo bonuses. Tangela can get up to -15% Grass-Type Moves Wait, which is more than Weepingbell 5% and equals to Victrebell, whom still has +ATK of Grass Type Move with these bonuses. The other bonuses are either +HP upon Recovery, +Resistant to Status (it can get up to 100%, which is neat) and healing bonuses: Healing per Wave and Natural HP Healing). As such, out of the 3 lines, Tangela can dish out the least damage. Furthermore, it has decent base HP and ATK – much better than Bulbasaur and Weepingbell, but not enough in comparison to the shortage in ATK.

However, at max stats, you should have no problem running Tangela, or any other Vine Whip Pokemon. So have fun, and experiment with the different sets you can run.

And those are the best vine whip Pokemon in Pokemon Quest. Which Pokemon with Vine Whip do you prefer to use in Pokemon Quest? Let me know!

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