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Hi there!

aiangato here.

Ever Googled a Pokémon-related question, and the first result that you yielded did not answer what you had in mind? Annoying, right?

I’m a full-time Digital Marketer, part-time radio DJ, and proud shiny Pokémon breeder. My full-time job revolves around SEO and Content Writing; thus, I thought, “Why not write about something I enjoy about outside of work?”.

And here we are. I’m a returning Pokémon Go player, so I will mainly cover all the FAQs people have for this title. Pokémon Sword and Shield (and the upcoming expansion pack) are on the to-do list. Enjoy!

And if you’re still here out of boredom, here is a cute GIF of Ditto.

How writing relaxes me…

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